Saturday, February 16, 2013


Bring in your vacation or hobby photos to Walcott Studio.
Our artists will preform their magic,
transforming ordinary into extra-ordinary art for your home and office wall decor.
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Wanted Old Area Photographs & Documents!

What is happening to the history of Columbus? Do you have any photographs, articles, postcards, letters or any items about Columbus, Astico, Elba, Calamus, York, Fall River, the Crawfish or of the surrounding area?  Would you be willing to share them to be included in a permanent file of Columbus?  Bring your treasures into Walcott Studio where they will be digitally copied at NO CHARGE during January, February or March. 
Walcott Studio will repair and/or enhance each image and place them in a permanent file along with many other portraits they have complied since 1951. Nothing is too small or too large and they are interested in anything you think is important to help preserve area history. 
Additional copies of these photographs are available for your friends and family at special prices.
Already they have copied many of the photos from 2 History of Columbus books and are still looking for more that might be on your shelves or in your attics. Many of these images have been included in past Historical Calendars and many are scheduled for future calendars.